A Pat on the Back

For newbie writers and those struggling to get traction in the publishing world, encouragement is their most important writing vitamin.  The Northeast Texas Writers Organization (NETWO)  has for the last few years published a document at the end of each year celebrating the writing accomplishments of many of its members.

The document is for members and friends.  It is not published on Amazon or Facebook.  It is reproduced and distributed (of course free of charge) to those involved with the Northeast Texas Writing Organization and others.

So, just what does this cover?  It highlights all accomplishments related to writing.  It does not require a published book for entry.  One can accomplish many things writing-related without actually publishing a book.

We celebrate those who participated in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  Those who finished get a certificate from the NaNoWriMo organization.  But even those who did not finish the 50,000 words deserve notice for participating.  They were working on their craft of writing and deserve some recognition.

Of course, those who have published a book during the year get a shout out.  We’ll include an image of the cover of their book and perhaps a short blurb on it.

But even those who finished a book during the year, even if it has not been published yet, get recognition. It is an accomplishment to complete a book, one that should not go unnoticed.

Anyone who has received an award for their writing should have it noted in our Jubilee for the year. And NETWO consistently has a number of members who have received writing awards each year.

This booklet covers all types of writing, not simply books.  Short stories get mentioned  And there are always NETWO members who have one award or another for short stories.  This past year, one member had four short stories receive awards in contests.

Newspaper articles deserve a mention.  It is our intention to remember all writing accomplishments during the year: fiction, non-fiction, printed books, e-books, picture books, coloring books,  articles, short stories, newsletters, etc..  We are writers. NETWO is dedicated to supporting all things literary.

The annual Jubilee gives recognition to many of the NETWO members who have participated in the writing community.  Congratulations to one and all. We applaud what they have done and say to each,”Congratulations. You are a writer to be noticed.”


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