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Today’s guest is Dana Wayne, a sixth generation Texan. She resides i the Piney Woods of east Texas with her husband of 39 years. She has two books published and each has won several top awards.  She will give one person who comments (chosen at random) the choice of either a signed copy or a digital copy  of her latest book, Mail Order Groom.   So, here’s some good advice, and leave a comment for a chance at an award winning book.


As an indie author hard at work on my third book, I have learned a lot about my craft. Some by trial and error, some from networking with fellow authors at various venues, and some from my own research or experience. Of everything I have absorbed about marketing over the last couple of years, three things stand out in my mind.

  1. It is the single most time consuming – and important – piece of the publishing puzzle.
  2. It begins months before your book is released.
  3. It never ends.

When I started this journey, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I simply wanted to write. I wanted someone to read what I wrote and enjoy it. I had no idea how much additional work would be required for this happen.

It’s not enough to write a good story; you must get the word out and keep it out in order to be successful. If you are fortunate enough to have someone handling the marketing component, you are my hero. But, for most of us indie authors, we do everything; write, edit, publish and promote. And, we must do it all on a shoe-string budget. Book signings are a given so I’d like to talk about some other ways to increase the visibility of you and your book.

I recently had the privilege of attending a marketing event sponsored by Texas Association of Authors, and gained a new perspective on this subject. A common thread was fan interaction, and social media is a huge part of that.

  • Email list – we all know this to be an invaluable resource
    • Allow fans a sneak preview of your book, the cover reveal, and to buy advance copies
    • Pick a Fan of The Month – gets special recognition on your website/social media
    • Host a contest where fans submit videos of them acting out a favorite scene in your book – feature the winner on your website.
    • Have fans post pictures of them reading your books.
    • Get to know your fans – poll their likes, dislikes and opinions on ideas for books, promotions, contests, etc.
    • Write a book where the fans decide what happens next.
    • Consider a fan page for major characters, especially if you write a series

More tips:

  • Media packet is a must
    • Short bio, photo, accomplishments/awards, positive endorsements
    • Excerpt from your book – maybe a hard copy depending on the circumstances
    • One page flyer with all this info in a concise, professional layout
  • Design useable merchandise for your book (t-shirts, pens, mugs, etc. Take-away from the marketing event: Paper swag, other than bookmarks/business cards is not a good investment)
  • Participate in an online book tour
  • Schedule a book reading
    • Retirement homes
    • Area schools/colleges depending on target age group
    • Local bookstores/coffee shops/libraries/hospitals
  • Contact local media about interviewing you (if your book is set in a real city, contact that paper about an interview)
  • If your book addresses a particular cause, partner with groups, clubs or other organizations that support it or similar ones.
  • Participate in local events/festivals
  • Create a book trailer (There are a number of free sites to do your own or have one professionally made)
  • Contests – Be creative. People love free stuff.
  • Offer to write genre-related articles to magazines
  • Host a seminar or webinar for aspiring authors
  • Be a presenter at a workshop, conference or writers meeting

A great resource, FREE, is at:

The bottom line of all this is there are any number of ways you can spread the word about your book. A quick Google search will get you started. The only limitations are the time, and in some cases, the money you are willing to invest. It will be an on-going project requiring constant attention and participation to be successful.

Short Blurb for Mail Order Groom:

Emma Marshall is tough, capable and about to have her world turned upside down. Her father wants her married. She wants none of it. A jean-wearing, cattle herding, headstrong woman, she fights for her independence.

Tyler Roundtree is about to change all that. Sparks fly on their first meeting and she soon discovers she knows all about running a ranch and nothing about being a woman.

A world weary southern gentleman, a fiery, independent woman; a marriage of convenience was only the beginning.

You can find out more about Dana at her website:

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10 thoughts on “Marketing Your Book

  1. I utilize some of the suggestions you’ve made re: promotion. Others, not so much. I think we all have a comfort zone and find our own way to best market our books. What it really comes down to, is marketing OURSELVES…the best way to sell a book is in person and that takes some effort and the opportunity to meet face to face with an audience. Best wishes on success.

  2. Excellent information! Thanks so much for sharing. One of the most difficult things for me is marketing myself and my writing. You said it never ends. Frightening! It’s really hard for me to keep promoting an old book. And your book sounds great!

    • Thanks, Jessica! It is a daunting thing to realize that in order to succeed, you have to keep doing the same thing over and over but that is the nature of the beast. Unfortunately!

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