Been Stung By Tate Publishing? Me too.

Here’s a post from Gay Ingram that will be of interest to anyone who has published or is planning on publishing with Tate Publishing.  


Recent events in the publishing industry have affected many authors I know in my area, including myself. Back in 2007 and upon the recommendation of a client, I submitted my manuscript about the years of my husband’s depression, Living with a Depressed Spouse, to what advertised themselves as a ‘traditional publisher.’ The fact that they advertised themselves as a ‘Christian Publishing House’ influenced me. When I received a personal letter from the publishing company’s president, I overcame my resistance and signed the contract.

I was a newbie and not very knowledgeable about the publishing process. The contract I received from the publishing house, Tate Publishing based in Mustang, Okla., stipulated a substantial amount required from the author as a ‘financial investment.’ After a certain number of copies were sold, this money would be returned to the author.

Over the years, my book continued to sell in minute quantities and I received correspondence from Tate representatives on a regular basis. I also received numerous offers of marketing/promotional opportunities, all available for a fee.

One week last month, Tate sent an email inviting me to participate in yet another marketing venture. The next week, an email from them contained a form advising me that the company was closing its doors and I had the opportunity to purchase back my manuscript file, if I so desired…for $50.00. I would expect no refund or monetary compensation if I signed this form.

My response was to ignore the offer and dig out my ten-year-old contract, hoping to read that their actions constituted a breach of contract. To the web I turned, looking for more information and advice. I found two reliable sites detailing the downward track of Tate Publishing. The third site posts comments from authors who have been dealt badly by Tate Publishing. One of these sites mentions documentation of Tate executives re-organizing under the name of Lux Creative Concepts, LLC.

I’ve not found any evidence of a class action suit being instigated and would love to have that information if anyone has it. In the meantime, I will have to file this as a major learning experience.

If you have had any dealings with Tate Publishing, Please leave a comment.. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Been Stung By Tate Publishing? Me too.

  1. I had a book published by Tate in 2014. It came out within a year and I was happy with that. I think that must have been about the time things went South. My husband and I were not happy with their performance after publication. I guess it is a learning experience but I did check the internet. The link to a class action suit wouldn’t go anywhere. I’ll need to find out what to do about my book. If anyone has any good ideas please pass them on.

  2. Gay, I am saddened to hear of your experience, but I’m glad you were courageous enough to step forward and talk about it. It may help other writers avoid a similar experience. I think it is important that writers reach out to one another and support each other. Using our knowledge about publishing and sharing it helps our journey.

    • Thank you, Leslie. And I agree, about being willing to share and learn from one another. I have been helped by so many,many authors and writers along my writing path and am ever so grateful. I never pass up an opportunity to help out a fellow writer.

  3. Gay, this is terrible.I know you will be able to pull out of this. I pray for true guidance and perseverance in this endeavor. I too was considering contacting Tate Publication. Thank you for the heads-up. Hey Jim thank you for bringing this to our attention (always on time).

    • Appreciate your encouraging words, Augie. Over the years I’ve met many authors who used Tate Publishing’s services. I just wanted to get the word out and see if there is any way we can help each other in this situation.

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